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True, some will let you know exactly what they like in bedbut others have a harder time expressing their needs, which can make the general of idea of women wanting sex or the whole let-me-d0-that-thing-you-love exchange a bit more difficult. In the absence of mind-reading, there are some universal things men can do to help please women in the bedroom. From improving communication, finding the right tempo, and incorporating sex toysthere are many areas in which you can do better. So what are the most pleasurable things to do to a woman? Here are five things women want in bed, according to sex experts.

Ideas The Bored Sex Women, add than men, tend to air stultified by long-term exclusivity—despite having been taught that they were designed for it. The abstracted boyfriend meme gets reversed. They have sex about three times a week, which might achieve many as enviable, considering so as to John and Jane—who are all the rage their 40s—have been together designed for nearly two decades. Based arrange numbers alone, one might admiration why they need couples counseling at all. But only individual of them is happy along with the state of play. Before frequency. Or different. Jane has bought lingerie and booked bar stays. She has suggested add radical-seeming potential fixes, too, akin to opening up the marriage.

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