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It is important to acknowledge the complexity of people's lived experiences and recognise that the above aspects may apply to individuals in different ways and different times across the life span National LGBTI Health Alliance, a. Gender: refers to the socially constructed and hierarchical categories assigned to individuals on the basis of their apparent sex at birth. Many people do not fit into these narrowly defined and rigid gender norms. Some women may feel masculine, some men may feel more feminine and some people may not feel either, or may reject gender altogether see Gender identity. Gender binary: the spectrum-based classification of gender into the two categories of either man or woman based on biological sex see Sex. Gender identity: refers to an inner sense of oneself as man, woman, masculine, feminine, neither, both, or moving around freely between or outside of the gender binary. Gender pronouns: theserefer to how a person chooses to publicly express their gender identity through the use of a pronoun, whether it is a gender-specific or a gender-neutral pronoun GLHV, Gender questioning: not necessarily an identity but sometimes used in reference to a person who is unsure which gender, if any, they identify with.

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