Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish

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When Liz asks for an extension on the deadline for her term paper, the Professor shows her what happens to naughty girls who do not take their school work seriously. Dreams Inc. Sensual spanking, no sex July Dreams Inc. The Naughty Girl Trifecta Adult sexual spanking August Daphne has been caught in the Naughty Girl Trifecta: a parking ticket, a fine for late library books and going out no panties on under her skirt. The payoff for the Naughty Girl Trifecta is, of course, a spanking. A Lesson in English Composition Mild adult punishment spanking, no sex August This is a little story about a young lady who learns a lesson about proper english composition. Cecelia and the Scary Paddle Adult sexual spanking and chocolate September This is a sexual spanking story about lunch, chocolate, Cecelia, Jan and the Scary Paddle, that cruelly punishes Cecelia's bare bottom.

As a result of Grant Stoddard August 2, Absolutely, there are a lot of sex toys and sex games you can buy to add to your sex life. But you may be overlooking one of the best aphrodisiac tools by your disposal: your rear aim. The truth is, when it comes to exploring your sexual desires, erotic spanking is the best place to start. You can wade into the amalgamate of hedonistic bliss without headfirst headlong into a frighteningly bleak deep end. Oh, and erotic spanking is also a confirmed method for increasing blood arise down under—and we all appreciate what that means. Before you get started, though, you'll absence to make sure you're appealing in a way that's anodyne, consensual, considerate, and fun. Perhaps you're wondering: What does brand new feel like?

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