Violence communication and satisfaction among middle-aged adults and older people from Romania

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Ancestor communication and satisfaction are basic for health and well-being. At this juncture, we report the findings of a quantitative cross-sectional study performed between and on patients 55—years-old who were treated at the Ana Aslan National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics. We deal with the answers to one article on the omnibus questionnaire man-on-women, woman-on-man regarding: 1 insults, coarse language, humiliation; 2 being forced en route for engage in unwanted sexual intercourse; 3 withholding sexual activity before affection; 4 slapping, kicking, pushing; 5 hitting with a affix or other objects; 6 aggressive with a knife or firearm; and 7 financial control, abandon, or food deprivation. IPV commonness was generally high, especially designed for the categories of insults, coarse language, humiliation, withholding sexual activity, after that affection. More women than men reported IPV, especially insults, coarse language, and humiliation. More than a quarter of respondents men after that women suffered occasionally or a lot from a form of batter and experienced emotional abuse. The potential of family communication after that satisfaction is relatively good, after that these are associated.

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