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Do you see a hot chick walking down the street and scan every inch of skin showing, hoping to see a bit of green, red, or black that you know is a sexy piece of body art? If so, Tattoo Lovers is the dating site for you. Targeted dating sites like Tattoo Lovers are so successful because they bring people together who are already on a common ground, which in this case is appreciating and loving tattoos. Visit Tattoo Lovers Now Strengths One of Tattoo Lovers biggest strengths is connecting like-minded men and women over their tattoo and piercing fetish. Tattoo Lovers boasts a large database of potential matches and their numbers are growing by the day as tattoos are exponentially increasing in popularity.

All the rage one study, researchers recruited 11 attractive women to lie arrange popular beaches in France. According to the grapevine, some research assistants have advance jobs than others. All of these women wore identical burgundy bikinis and were instructed en route for read a book while lying on their front. They were also told not to air at anyone unless they were approached. Half of the age, these women were given a temporary butterfly tattoo on the lower back; the other half of the time, the women went au naturel i. Although these women were lying arrange the beach, a secret bystander recorded how many men approached each woman and made oral contact with her, as able-bodied as how long it took for her to be approached. In the end, each female visited 20 different beaches, accommodating observation periods in total. The results indicated that tattooed women were approached more than double as often.

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