The Economic Impact of Smoking and of Reducing Smoking Prevalence: Review of Evidence

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Including indirect cost and benefits of smoking cessation interventions further strengthens the result with the extended course of varenicline dominating all other alternatives considered. Oh et al To evaluate the cost and effectiveness of the nationwide government-sponsored smoking cessation clinics Cost-effectiveness analysis; sensitivity analysis Self-reported quit rates; cost per quitter; cost per service user; cost per life-year saved 1. A total ofsmokers used the Smoking Cessation Clinics in Estimated 1-year and 8-year quit rates were Javitz et al Seattle, WA, USA To evaluate the cost effectiveness of varencline and three different behavioral treatment formats for smoking cessation: proactive telephone counseling PTCWeb-based program, and a combination of PTC and web-based program Behavioral intervention; cost effectiveness analysis; sensitivity analyses Average cost of telephone minute; costs per enrollee for the Web group; varenicline drug cost per enrollee; cost per lifetime quitter; cost per additional 6 months nonsmoker and additional lifetime quitter; cost per LY and QALY 1. Based on the cost per LY and QALY saved, these interventions are among the most cost-effective life-saving medical treatments. Chen et al Taiwan To evaluate the costs and benefits of the Outpatient Smoking Cessation Services OSCS program in Taiwan from a societal view point Cost—benefit analysis; primary and secondary data; sensitivity analyses The costs measured include cost to the health sector, non-health sectors, the patients, and their family, as well as loss of productivity as a result of smoking; Benefits measures include the medical costs savings and the earnings due to the increased life expectancy of a person who has stopped smoking for 15 years 1. There weresubjects who participated in the OSCS in the years andand, of those cases, successfully stopped smoking.

Analysis all data used in this Statistical bulletin 1. Main points In the UK, in , The proportion of contemporary smokers in the UK has fallen significantly from Of the constituent countries, All the rage the UK, Those elderly 25 to 34 years had the highest proportion of contemporary smokers In the UK, around 1 in 4 In Great Britain, more than half In Great Britain, 5.

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