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Looking for discreet fun we could get a few drinks 7 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails to Order on Your Night Out Spend a few minutes in the kitchen the morning before your party or beach trip; make a big batch of the cocktail, and stick it in the fridge; then just pour it out at the beach, zero effort required. Get a good bottle. These recipes each make six cocktails, and a whole batch can fit in your average Nalgene. Use whatever container you like, just make sure it seals fully -- nothing worse than losing a cocktail batch in a sticky cooler mess. Add a little water. Keep as cold as possible.

Tips for hosts Tips for hosts If you're hosting a accessory or celebration and you're allocation alcohol or have asked ancestor to bring alcohol with them, here are some easy tips and ideas to make absolutely everyone has fun without consumption too much. There's a allocation to think about when you're having people over for banquet, a BBQ, a party, before a catch up or are hosting a private event by a hired venue. Organise, arrange and prepare Nail down the details beforehand and involve erstwhile family members or friends. Be concerned about going alcohol-free, especially if children and young people are invited. Check with your local Assembly, when hiring a Council-owned area venue. Set your expectations all the rage advance Be clear what you're inviting people over for. Assume about who you're inviting. But you know there are a few people that are likely en route for drink too much, talk en route for them in advance and deposit things in place to adhere to them safe.

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