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Now she's convinced she's suffering from long COVID symptoms, and she says antibody testing has confirmed that she had the virus. Submitted by Stacey Alexander Most of us think back longingly to the time before the pandemic, but a Newfoundland woman has more reason than most to wish her old life back. Stacey Alexander of Corner Brook is convinced that her health troubles over the past year are a direct result of getting COVID, even though she was turned down for testing in early and never had a chance to be diagnosed. Alexander believes that she now suffers from what has become known as long COVID, or long haul COVID — a term used to describe the effects of COVID symptoms lingering long after the initial illness — and she's telling her story to encourage others to take the virus seriously. But people should be aware that it is a possibility, said Alexander. Young and healthy Alexander wishes she could turn back the clock to a time prior to the pandemic when, at the age of 33, she was a healthy, active person, teaching physical education at the elementary school level and engaging in some of her favourite activities, including running and snowboarding. Alexander said life took a turn for her when she and her husband started suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms and cold symptoms in February The symptoms varied over a period of several weeks but, by mid-March, she began to think that perhaps she had somehow contracted the novel coronavirus.

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